How to recover passwords saved on Google Chrome

Do you know that it’s simple to locate or retrieve the passwords you’ve saved in Google Chrome? When attempting to sign into their accounts, the majority of consumers have trouble recalling their login information. To store login credentials safely from data breaches and other security difficulties, Google Chrome has the ideal feature.

The majority of users save their passwords on Google Chrome, although they frequently struggle to find them again. I’m here to assure you that any password you’ve saved on Google Chrome is totally secure and is simply retrievable.

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Both a PC and a mobile device can be used to access your saved passwords in Chrome. Technically speaking, your Gmail account, which has been logged into that Google Chrome, is where your saved login information is typically kept.

How can I save my passwords on Google Chrome, someone could ask? It’s simple to preserve your login information in Google Chrome. You must first enable Chrome’s “offer to save passwords” feature. Every time you log into or create an account on Chrome, a notification asking you to “Save Password?” will automatically appear.

How to find passwords saved on Google Chrome

This tutorial will show you the steps to follow in retrieving a saved password on chrome.

  • Please launch Google Chrome on your PC or mobile device.
  • Click the More icon in the top right corner (the three dots)
  • Scroll down now and select Settings.
  • Click the Autofill and Passwords buttons on your PC.
  • Click Passwords on your phone.
  • You can view your saved passwords here.
  • By selecting the “Show password” icon, choose the one you wish to view the password for.
  • You must enter your Windows password or PIN on your computer in order to access the password.
  • You will be prompted to enter your password or PIN to confirm your identity on your phone.



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