How To Take Care Of Your Phone Charger

How To Take Care Of Your Phone Charger

Because batteries without their corresponding chargers are utterly useless

You’re probably used to the panic-stricken reaction many have these days when they discover their device’s battery life is running low. Although battery longevity is crucial, we frequently forget that batteries are useless without the appropriate chargers. Of course, it would be wise to increase the life of our gadgets’ batteries, but in the meanwhile, we should take careful care of our chargers. Here are some pointers on how to achieve it.

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Unplug by the head

Never pull your charger by the cord to unplug it. Although this may seem to work fine, over time, the tension will cause irreparable internal damage.

Keep it cool

Chargers can be harmed by extremely hot or cold conditions. It’s advisable to keep your charger off carpets, especially in warm environments, and to insulate it when moving it in the winter.

How To Take Care Of Your Phone Charger
How To Take Care Of Your Phone Charger

Keep it dry

Always keep your charger dry and well away from any water. Avoid using your kitchen and bathroom to charge devices, and make sure to mop up spills straight away.

Use a surge protector

Electrical surges can happen at any time, and if they are strong enough, they can harm or even kill electronic components. It’s wise to avoid taking this chance, especially in stormy weather or in structures with subpar electrical systems.

Keep it tucked away

A stray charger can turn into a tripwire when you least expect it. Not only can this cause damage to the charger by tearing the cord or breaking the plug head, but it can seriously harm you

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