MTN Midnight Bundle Packages, Prices And How To Subscribe 2022

MTN Midnight Bundle Packages, Prices And How To Subscribe 2022

We will discuss MTN midnight bundle bundles, costs, and subscription options in this article. MTN is a supplier of communications services in Ghana and all of Africa. It is Ghana’s biggest telecommunications network.

They have fantastic products and services that meet the needs of all of their customers. Special offers are also included for both people and businesses.

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MTN Midnight Bundle Packages

This is a unique bundle for MTN subscribers to enjoy large data sizes at a lower price exclusively at midnight. It runs from 12 am until 5 am. The nice thing about this offer is that it never expires, so even if you run out of time but still have a package, you can use it the following night till it runs out. You can subscribe for a bundle ranging from 291.54MB to 8.51GB using airtime or mobile money priced between 0.1 and 2.99 cedis.

291.54MB 0.10 No Expiry
583.09MB 0.20 No Expiry
874.64 0.30 No Expiry
1.14GB 0.40 No Expiry
1.42GB 0.50 No Expiry
1.72GB 0.60 No Expiry
2.85GB 1.00 No Expiry
4.27GB 1.50 No Expiry
5.69GB 2.00 No Expiry
7.12GB 2.50 No Expiry
8.51GB 2.99 No Expiry

How To Sign Up

  • Dial *138# and choose option 1. (proceed to buy bundle No 4G bundle )
  • Choose option 2.
  • If you’re making a purchase for yourself, select option 1, and if it’s for someone else, select option 2. (others)
  • Select option 0 or option 1 (Flexi) to return to the previous page.
  • Enter the amount you desire
  • Select option 1. (buy)
  • Enter your desired method of payment. Option 2 for mobile money and Option 1 for airtime
  • Then, you’ll get an SMS notification of the successful transaction.
MTN Midnight Bundle Packages
MTN Midnight Bundle Packages

Some MTN Shortcodes

MTN Shortcodes Description
*124# Balance Inquiry. Check your credit balance
*134*PIN# Reloading Airtime
*138# Internet Bundles and SMS bundles
*1390# Reserve your number
*144*airtime receiver number*voucher number# Recharge airtime for someone
*156# Check your MTN mobile number
*170# MTN mobile money code
*175# Code to See and deactivate all MTN subscriptions
*198# MTN Me2 u
*198>Transfer>receiver number>Amount>Decimal>Pin Share Credit
*296# MTN aYo recharge with care
*300*20# Get jokes from MTN
*315# MTN Free After 1 (MTN Nkomode)
*400# Know your sim card details
*5050# MTN Sunday Special
*5055# MTN Jaara
*506# To borrow Some Credit
*511# Generate Mobile Money ATM token
*545# Check data usage
*550# MTN Free Call 6 months(MTN Akwaaba)
*567# MTN Pulse
*585# MTN internet settings shortcode
*595# To exempt (or include) yourself from mobile money interest payments to your account
0554300000 MTN WhatsApp line
100 MTN Call Center
108 MTN Voicemail
1515 Mobile Money fraud. Send a text message to 1515 from your phone with the name of the merchant and the date of the incident.
154[0244000000] MTN pay for me. Dial 154 followed by a number without space. This will make the recipient of the call pay for the call.
MOVIES to 1412 Silverbird movie schedule
Send STOP To 1355 Unsubscribe from caller tunes
*141# MTN Just4U

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