How to Activate MTN Call baring

How to Activate MTN Call baring

This post will demonstrate how to activate MTN call blocking on your phone, how to disable it, and many other helpful hints. Just pay attention.

What is MTN Call Barring?

MTN offers a feature called “call blocking” that allows users or customers to restrict some or all incoming and outgoing calls within particular geographic areas.

One can stop his SIM card from placing or receiving calls by using call barring.

How to Activate MTN Call baring
How to Activate MTN Call baring

Benefits of activating call barring.

Do you really need to block your calls?

Yes. The following advantages come with MTN Call barring.

  • Stop some callers from contacting you
  • Turn off all incoming calls and only allow outgoing calls on your phone.

How to activate MTN Call Bearing

All MTN prepaid customers can use this service. You must call the call-blocking short number and follow the on-screen instructions to activate the service. The activation stages are listed below.


On your MTN SIM card, dial *#0# to block all calls.

  1. Dial *31#
  2. You’ll get a notice informing you that calls can no longer be placed or received on your line.

There are limitations on the number of calls that can be made and received on your phone or SIM card.


When the intended short code is inoperable. By following the instructions below, call banning can be enabled. Without dialling any short codes, you can only accomplish this on your phone.

  1. Go to the dialled calls by tapping the call icon.
  2. Click on the call settings button.
  3. Tap on Calling accounts.How to Activate MTN Call baring. Full Guide
  4. Select the sim card (MTN).
  5. Tap on Call Barring.
  6. Choose the type of calls you want to bar.How to Activate MTN Call baring. Full Guide
  7. You may be asked to enter a code. Dial 0000
  8. You will receive a notification message that your line has been restricted from making and receiving

MTN Call Bearing Options are available.

All outgoing calls – used to restrict making calls.

International outgoing calls – used to restrict making outgoing international calls.

All incoming calls – used to restrict all incoming calls.

Cancel all – it is used to remove and clear all call-bearing settings.

Change barring password – used to change the default password which is 0000.


How to deactivate MTN Call Barring

To turn off all call barring on outgoing and incoming calls, tap the cancel on the call barring menu.


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