How To Convert My MTN Airtime To Momo

How To Convert My MTN Airtime To Momo

A particularly effective method of managing money on mobile devices is mobile money. We can purchase airtime, pay bills, and do other things thanks to technology. However, there are also drawbacks, such as when a mistake is made and more airtime is sent than was intended.

Have you ever unintentionally moved Airtime from your Momo wallet to your phone or a friend’s phone and worried that you wouldn’t be able to retrieve your money back?

It’s very painful for anyone to fall victim to this. But such regrets end today after reading this article.

These methods are for converting airtime to money or cash through MTN Mobile Money. Follow this process.

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On your phone dial the MTN momo code

1. *170#

2. Select my wallet ( option 6)

3. Select Airtime reversal (option 6)

4. Select option 1

How To Convert My MTN Airtime To Momo
How To Convert My MTN Airtime To Momo

Below are the terms and conditions applied

1. This operation requires not less than GHS 10.00 Airtime value before the reversal transaction can be possible.

2. Subscribers should ensure that all the airtime purchased plus the bonus received are available before the process can be initiated

3. Note partly reversal is not allowed

3. Only airtime purchased by a subscribing’s MOMO wallet can be reversed

If the customer has used some of the bonus or the main Airtime, the transaction cannot be completed until the customer tops up the bonus or spent airtime to reach the main amount of airtime. After that, the transaction cannot be completed.

5. You can reverse your airtime within 72 hours after buying it.

Both the sender and the receiver will receive a notification once the procedures are finished.

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