5 Top Websites for Downloading Ghanaian Movies

The majority of Ghanaians were entertained by locally produced films while growing up (and even today), with actors like Lil Win, Kyeiwaa, and McBrown gracing our screens.

Here are five places where you may view and stream Ghanaian movies if you appreciate Ghallywood.

There is something for everyone, whether you’re seeking an Agya Koo flashback or you’re looking for more recent films.

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There are numerous channels on YouTube that upload entire Ghanaian movies. Simply type the title or actor you are looking for into the search field, and you’ll probably find a video for it.

You can get recommendations for further Ghanaian movies on YouTube as well.

The main film collection in Ghana is Tugamedia. Under the category of Ghana movies on this website, you can find hundreds of Twi movies, both new and ancient.

On this website, you can also get Twi educative cartoons, Twi lyrics, and Nollywood music.

5 Top Websites for Downloading Ghanaian Movies
5 Top Websites for Downloading Ghanaian Movies


Despite the fact that you might not be able to get your typical Kumawood films on Netflix, you can still access other popular shows and movies like Side Chic Gang, starring Nana Ama McBrown and Sika Osei.

Netflix allows you to stream movies from your phone, laptop, or even HDTV. In contrast to the other websites mentioned above, Netflix requires a subscription.

Iroko TV

Iroko TV is another site that allows subscribers to watch Ghanaian movies.

Iroko TV offers streaming directly from its website, an Android app, and an iOS app.

Farmhouse Movies

The farmhouse is the place to go if you want to check out some new-school titles.

A platform for on-demand streaming featuring material from the YOLO series, Stryke, and other sources is the Farmhouse app.

On the Farmhouse app, you can also find previous programmes like Things We Do For Love and Fortune Island.

The majority of the content on their app is produced by Farmhouse, which also acts as a movie production firm. Currently, only their Android and iOS apps allow for streaming.

Here are some platforms where you may watch movies from Ghana.



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