How To Keep Your WhatsApp Chats Safe

With great success, WhatsApp has become one of the most widely used messaging platforms worldwide. The Facebook-owned app is currently the largest instant messaging service with more than 2 billion users.

In order to give users a seamless messaging experience and privacy features to protect chats, media, and other crucial information, the Facebook-owned messaging app is adding a plethora of features to its Android and iOS smartphones.

Here are four crucial privacy options that you should be aware of in order to safeguard your WhatsApp conversations and data:

Enable Two-Step Verification

The two-step verification setting is a crucial feature to protect the software, whether you’re reinstalling it on an older phone or downloading it for the first time on a new phone.

When you download or re-install WhatsApp, the two-step verification setting will allow you to enter a six-digit PIN code as verification. Your WhatsApp account is kept secure in this way, especially if your SIM card is stolen or your phone number that is linked to WhatsApp is compromised.

Go to WhatsApp Settings and tap on Account to enable two-step verification. The option for two-step verification is located underneath that. To activate the setting, tap on it and enter your 6-digit PIN code.

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Enable Fingerprint lock

An essential privacy feature to give your discussions additional security against nearby snoopers.

For its Android and iOS users, WhatsApp implemented a fingerprint lock feature last year. Both face and touch scanners are supported by the function.

Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock on WhatsApp to enable it. WhatsApp will request your fingerprint or face ID for authentication if you enable the “Fingerprint Lock” feature.

Always keep WhatsApp updated

WhatsApp often updates its software to add new features in order to give its consumers a smooth chatting and calling experience. The Facebook-owned app continuously updates its security protocols in addition to merely adding new features and services to protect users from various malware, bugs, and other threats.

This is the main justification for updating your programmes frequently in order to avoid bugs and chat room hackers. Your phone’s auto-update setting should typically keep your apps current. If your phone does not update the apps automatically, go to the app store for your phone—the App Store for iPhones and the Google Play Store for Android smartphones—search for the WhatsApp app, then update it manually by hitting “update.”

Apart from that, you should also keep your phone’s Operating System up to date to implement overall improved features for your phone and your apps.

Check WhatsApp Web

To access your messages on your laptop while using WhatsApp online, there is a catch. Your message can be monitored by anyone using a laptop. Fear not, there is a workaround for this. To determine whether another device is connected to your WhatsApp account:

Go to WhatsApp Web under the three dots menu. Regularly check and unplug any illicit gadgets.

Update your profile, status and group privacy settings

Concerned about who may view your profile photo, stories, and status updates? You have control over who can view your information with WhatsApp. One of the important privacy options that WhatsApp provides for both individual chats and groups is selective information sharing.

The following describes how to modify the information that is exchanged between contacts and groups:

Navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy.

The options Last Seen, Profile Photo, About, Groups, and Status will be displayed. To enable those who can view your information, to choose from the available options.

You can further customise who among your saved WhatsApp contacts can view your status or add you to a group in the Groups and Status settings.

The final option, “Only Share With,” allows you to only share your Status with a small group of carefully chosen pals.

To get the privacy settings you require, tap on any of the options. Between Everyone, My contacts, and Nobody is your options.







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