How To Set Up Emergency Contacts on iPhone

The iPhone features a feature that makes it simple to access your emergency contacts in case you ever find yourself in danger and require assistance in an urgent situation. The emergency contact feature makes it possible for a stranger to call for assistance if you are unable to do it yourself without unlocking your phone.

You can set up those emergency contacts with the aid of this guide:

  • To begin with, you must create a medical ID. Access the Health App, which is already loaded on iPhones, to do this.
  • Select “Medical ID” by tapping the profile image in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Add Emergency Contact” by selecting the Edit option.
  • Choose a contact from your address book (if you haven’t added the phone number for your emergency contact, do so and return to this option).
  • When you’re pleased, choose the contact’s relationship to you and click “Done.” to keep it as a contact for emergencies.
How To Set Up Emergency Contacts on iPhone
How To Set Up Emergency Contacts on iPhone

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Adding A Contact As An Emergency Contact

You can add an emergency contact straight from your contacts if you don’t want to set one through the Health app:

  • Visit the Contacts app.
  • Choose a contact.
  • Scroll down to the “Add To Emergency Contacts” option on the contact details page. (If they have more than one, choose the one you prefer.)
  • Determine how they relate to you.
  • Once you’re satisfied, select “Done” after reviewing your choice.
  • Holding the power button down until the shut-down screen appears can allow someone to access your emergency contacts without having to unlock your phone.

They utilise the slider on “Medical ID,” which should launch the Health app and provide a list of your emergency contacts.



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