How To Get Free USA Number for WhatsApp

After having a few talks with the individual and learning that they are a buddy in Ghana, you might have received a message from an unknown US number on WhatsApp and been left with a simple query.

How could a Ghanaian send you a WhatsApp message from an American phone when you were in Nigeria? It’s a straightforward query, and we’ll address it here on beezygh. And I’ll be writing about how to get a free USA number for WhatsApp in Ghana in today’s article.

It won’t take you long to realise that the processes are quite similar to those in our post on how to obtain a US phone number in Ghana, that there is no stress involved, and that everything is easy to grasp.

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How To Get Free USA Number For WhatsApp

You’ll need a USA number available to you in order to complete this, and if you don’t already have one, you may simply use the few techniques listed below to obtain a free USA number in Ghana. I’ll only provide you with two options for getting a free USA number; both are effective, however the first one requires a third party who must be a US citizen.

How To Get Free USA Number for WhatsApp
How To Get Free USA Number for WhatsApp

Method 1: Getting A Free USA Number for WhatsApp On Google Voice

The greatest virtual phone number for the USA that you can use on WhatsApp is probably Google Voice. To far, it’s the only number that functions flawlessly on all versions of WhatsApp, including Business WhatsApp and WhatsApp Mods.

Here is what you must complete in order to obtain a Google Voice number:

  • Open your VPN application, choose any USA location to connect to, and then select your desired location. Open the Gmail app, select the right topbar icon, scroll down and select Add Another Account > Click on Google > Select Create Account from the menu that appears. Enter your information and the OTP Code will be sent to your Ghana phone number.
  • As soon as you’re finished, you’ll need to download the Google Voice app, which you can do by clicking the icon below. However, make sure your Google Play Store App is set to use the new email you established as the default email.
  • Now, while you’re still connected to your VPN, open the Google Voice App. You’ll be prompted to choose the email you wish to use to sign in or to use the newly generated email. The next step is to choose the location from which you wish to dial the USA number.
  • You will be required to provide a number after choosing the location in order to acquire the OPT code. For this, you’ll need to ask a friend or member of your family for their actual USA phone number. Once you get it, you can enter it and the OTP code will be delivered to it.
  • Once you enter the OTP code that you receive, your account will have been successfully validated. Your USA number can be found by clicking on your profile in the Google Voice App right now. The Google Voice app lets you make free calls and text messages.

Method 2: Getting A Free US Number on Textnow

Unlike Google Voice, which needs a third party before you can be given a USA number, Textnow is extremely simple to set up. The problem with Textnow is that its robust security firewall makes it challenging for some VPNs to get beyond it. Additionally, Textnow numbers function better on Business WhatsApp, so you might wish to switch WhatsApps before moving through with this step.

See how to get a US number on Textnow below:

Use a VPN to connect, but avoid using any of the major VPN programmes listed below (NordVPN, IpVanish, Windscribe, ExpressVPN, HMA, PIA, and others), as they frequently give errors. Some of the VPNs on the following list are usable.

  • Now Click sign-up after downloading the Textnow app on your iOS or Android device. Enter your name, username, email address, and password. When you’re finished, select “GET A FREE PHONE NUMBER” from the menu.
  • Then grant Textnow permission to view your location; a free USA number will be provided based on your VPN location. You can now text and phone your contacts in the US or Canada using the number that has been given to you, and you can even join up for WhatsApp using it.

Steps To Create A WhatsApp Account With USA Number in Ghana

The procedures are both pretty simple and similar, but I’ll outline two separate procedures below because Textnow numbers typically don’t work very well.

Method 1: Creating WhatsApp Account With Google Voice Number

  1. You’ll need to download and instal WhatsApp on your Android device once you’ve obtained your USA number via the Google Voice app. You can use the stock version of WhatsApp, Business WhatsApp, or any Mod WhatsApp like FMWhatsApp and others.
  2. Open the WhatsApp app on your Android device at this point. After selecting “Agree and Continue,” go on to the next step.
  3. You can copy your Google Voice number from your Google Voice app and enter it under “Enter Your Phone Number” after selecting the United States as the nation.
  4. Click Next after entering your USA phone number in the Google Voice app, copy the OTP code that was delivered to the specified number, paste it in WhatsApp, and then click Continue.
  5. Congratulations! You’ve just successfully created a WhatsApp account in Ghana with a free USA number. With this account, you can now text and call.

Method 2: Creating WhatsApp Account With Textnow App

  1. Launch the Textnow app, minimise it, and download Business WhatsApp on your Android mobile after connecting to any US location on your VPN app.
  2. Now open the WhatsApp for Business app on your Android device. After selecting “Agree and Continue,” go on to the next step.
  3. You can copy your TextNow number from your TextNow app and enter it under “Enter Your Phone Number” after selecting the United States as the nation.
  4. Click Next after entering your USA number into the Textnow app, copy the OTP code that was delivered to the specified number, paste it into WhatsApp, and then click Continue.
  5. If you didn’t receive an OTP code on your Textnow app, please return to Business WhatsApp and request one through phone. Once you receive the automated call on your Textnow app, you can listen to the code being voiced over and use it to authenticate your account.
  6. After completing that, you can send instant messages on Business WhatsApp using the Textnow USA number.


These are the greatest techniques you can use to get a Free USA Number for WhatsApp in Ghana and they are completely effective when used correctly. If you try these approaches and get stuck somewhere along the way, feel free to post a comment and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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