How to Request for NSS Certificate Online

In this article, we highlight the process for requesting an NSS certificate after completing your mandatory service, including how to do so online.

This update is intended to help National Service Members who are having trouble ordering their certificates to be delivered to their doorstep online.

This article will be helpful to you even if you did your National Service years ago and have yet to get your certificate.

What is NSS Certificate? 

A certified statement about the veracity of your successfully completing National Service is contained in the NSS Certificate, a document. After completing a diploma or degree programme and becoming 18 years old, it is mandatory to perform national service in Ghana.

How to Request for NSS Certificate Online
How to Request for NSS Certificate Online

Is the NSS certificate ready?

NSS Certificates are available. In order to notify National Service Personnel of the readiness of their certificate, the National Service Scheme typically releases a communiqué. After you complete your service and submit your annual assessment form, the certificate will be processed.

How to print and submit your annual evaluation form is explained in a post on our site. On it, you can read more.

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How NSS certificate is useful?

If you intend to work in Ghana, the NSS certificate would be quite helpful. Your employer may need your National Service Certificate in a variety of situations. You cannot work for state-owned companies if you have not finished the required 1-year service.

If your National Service is not complete, you are ineligible to hold any public office. It will also place other limitations on you. Your National Service Certificate may be required in a number of situations. We advise you to do your National Service.

How to Request your NSS Certificate and Requirement Needed

Simply follow the below-provided instructions to get your National Service Certificate delivered to your door.

  • Employees must complete their one-year term. Public Service
  • Your supervisor or head of the company where you worked must fill out your annual assessment form with a fair judgement of your performance.
  • Once the assessment form has been completed, it must be turned in to the district office of the programme where your agency is situated.
  • Visit the Certificate Portal right away to confirm your NSS number in the space given.
  • Send your form of identification in
  • Complete the information in the presented request form.
  • Now, pay for delivery using one of the available payment methods.

Note: Certificates from All regions are now available on the system. If you cannot find your certificate after the search below, send a complaint email to

How do I track my NSS certificate?

Visit the NSS Certificate Portal to track your certificate:

Service Personnel can track their certificates through the same page where they sought them thanks to the National Service Scheme.

After logging in, you can immediately view the tracking if you are already logged in. If not, you can follow the delivery of your NSS Certificate using the official DHL tracking link by entering your tracking number here.

You just need to provide the tracking code from your NSS certificate and hit enter to proceed.


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