Top 10 Iphone Secret Tricks And Hacks You Never Know

Top 10 iPhone Secret Tricks And Hacks You Never Know

I still recall how eager I was when switching from Android to iOS a few years back, to discover the secret iPhone tips and techniques. While maximizing iOS’s potential was at the forefront of my thoughts, I also wished to increase productivity by eliminating all the slack. Though it took me some time at first to get used to the iPhone and, more significantly, the benefits that come with the Apple ecosystem, after I got beyond the learning curve, things carried on as usual.

Even if the iPhone has many useful features, you can increase its effectiveness by discovering the iPhone hacks and tips that are hidden in your smartphone.

Here are our 10 top recommendations for the best iPhone hacks out of the hundreds of these hidden capabilities.

  1. Make a Light Blink as a Notification

Without glancing at your iPhone screen or listening for sounds, would you like to receive notifications of fresh texts, incoming calls, or other important information? You may use this hack to have the iPhone’s back camera light blink whenever a new notification arrives.

Just follow these steps:

  • Select Settings.
  • Click General (skip this step on iOS 13 and up).
  • Click on Accessibility.
  • Click Audio/Visual.
  • For alerts, tap the LED flash.
  • Set the slider to “on” or “green.” The Flash on Silent slider should be set to on (green).

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  1. Take Photos With the Volume Button

You may snap pictures in other ways other by tapping the on-screen camera button, did you know that? Without looking at or touching the screen, there is a far simpler way to swiftly shoot images. Once the Camera app is launched, press the volume up button to take a picture using your phone. Even headphones with inbuilt remotes are compatible with this.

NB: The volume down button can also be used by some models to take pictures.

  1. Use a Hidden Dark Mode

For those who use their phones frequently in the dark, dark modes are a well-liked feature. The UI on your iPhone changes to dark colours when you enable dark mode; these colours are easier on the eyes in low light and also beneficial to those who are colour-blind. Although the iPhone lacks a genuine dark mode, this method comes quite close:

  • Select Settings.
  • Press General.
  • Click on Accessibility.
  • Click on Display Accommodations.
  • Toggle Colour Inversion.
  • Select Smart Invert or Classic Invert to convert some on-screen colours to Dark Mode (which switches all colours).
  • The dark mode is simple to turn on and off.

NB: This hack works on all iPhone models running iOS 11 and up.

Top 10 Iphone Secret Tricks And Hacks You Never Know
Top 10 Iphone Secret Tricks And Hacks You Never Know
  1. Shake to Undo Typing

You don’t need to use the delete key on the keyboard to remove text that you’ve typed while making a note, text message, or another type of text. Shaking your iPhone is all it takes to erase your writing if this hack is enabled. What you should do is:

  • Select Settings.
  • Click on Accessibility.
  • Input Touch (on iOS 13 and up only).
  • To undo an action, touch Shake under the Interaction section.
  • Set the slider to “on” or “green.”
  • When you’ve finished typing whatever you want to delete, shake your phone and select Undo from the pop-up menu.
  1. Hidden Shortcuts For Your Favourite Apps

You can find shortcuts to some of your favourite apps’ common features if you have an iPhone with a 3D Touch screen or an iPhone 11 or later. Hard-press an app icon to open it. A menu with a selection of shortcuts appears from the icon if the programme supports this functionality. You can launch the app and do that activity by tapping the one you desire.

NB: This hack works on the iPhone 6S series, 7 series, 8 series, X, XS, XR, and 11 series.

  1. Turn Off Autofocus in a Tap

Do you dislike autofocus?

Are you the type of photographer who prefers to complete tasks on your own?

When the annoying little function interferes with your work, you can disable autofocus on your iPhone.

Hold the screen in camera mode until you see “AE/AF Lock.”

  1. Let Siri Help You Take Photos

Did you realise that Siri can speed up photo-taking? Siri can open the Camera app to the setting you request even if it can’t really take the picture; all you have to do is tap the camera button (or click the volume button). What you should do is:

Ask Siri to capture a picture or a video by activating Siri (hold down the Home or Side button, depending on your model). Here are your choices:

“Hey Siri, snap a picture” (you can also say “picture”)

“Hey Siri, take a video,”

 “Hey Siri, take a slow-motion movie,”

 “Hey Siri, take a square photo,”

“Hey Siri, take a panorama photo,” etc.

“Hey Siri, snap a selfie” and “Hey Siri, record a tap-lapse video.”

When you have the desired image, press the volume or camera button.

NB: The selfie feature requires iOS 10 and up.

  1. Replace Your Keyboard With a Trackpad

When attempting to choose a specific piece of text, moving the tiny magnifying glass cursor around the screen is extremely annoying. We have a tip that makes it much easier to position the cursor in text. It functions by converting your keyboard into a touchpad, much like a laptop’s mouse. What you should do is:

Open a text editing app on your iPhone and use the built-in keyboard (some third-party keyboards support this feature, too).

Any keyboard key can be tapped and held.

On the keys, the letters vanish. Like using a mouse on a trackpad, move your finger around the keyboard. When the cursor is where you want it to be on the screen, release your hold.

NB: This hack works on iPhone models with a 3D Touch screen running iOS 9 and up, and on all other models running iOS 12. On iOS 13, you can just drag the cursor anywhere on the screen; no need to hard press the keyboard.

  1. Equalize Music Volume With One Touch

Ever notice how the volume of the music on your phone varies? Older songs tend to be quieter and newer songs are louder. This can require you to constantly adjust the volume. We do, however, have a method that equalises the volume of all of your music. Sound Check is a feature that comes with iOS. It measures the volume across all of your music, calculates an average, and by default uses that value for all of your music. How to enable it is as follows:

  • Tap Music, then Settings.
  • To access Playback, scroll down.
  • Turn on or turn green the Sound Check slider.
  1. Measure Spaces Using Augmented Reality

You may be aware that your iPhone comes with a built-in level that you can use to level objects like shelves or photographs, but did you also know that Measure is an app that lets you measure distances on your phone using augmented reality? What you must do is as follows:

  • To launch the Measure app, tap it.
  • Make sure the iPhone camera is facing a flat surface.
  • To start measuring, tap the plus sign.
  • The iPhone should be moved for the on-screen measurement to follow.
  • Tap the + button once more to display the distance you measured after measuring the area.

NB: This hack works on the iPhone SE and 6S series and higher, running iOS 12 and up

Enjoy these free tips on iPhone hacks and tricks. We have more Value and richer content to offer you, check our blog daily and receive fresh valuable content.

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