How to Apply for OSWD PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists?

Follow the following instructions to win OSWD PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists:

(1) Candidates must submit a PhD research proposal outline (max 2.000 words) which should be a summarized description of the PhD research proposal.
Guidelines for writing a good research proposal outline are available here.
Candidates are invited to study carefully these guidelines and ensure that their proposal is well structured and clear. The project proposal is given particular attention at selection.

(2) Candidates must submit following documents:

  • The letter must be signed by the head of department or by the postgraduate studies coordinator.
  • The study starting date on the preliminary acceptance letter must be the year following the application (e.g. if you apply for a fellowship in 2018 the acceptance letter should indicate the starting date as 2019).
  • All university degree certificates; and all university-issued transcripts, indicating all courses and grades.
  • Candidates must submit their complete CV (including a list of publications, if available).
  • Candidates must submit a preliminary acceptance letter from at least one host institute.
  • The sample available here must be used for the preparation of this document.
  • Candidates must submit a letter of commitment from the prospective host supervisor confirming that the host institute has the resources (e.g. bench fees, laboratory equipment) required to undertake the project.
  • The letter should also describe why the host institute is appropriate for the subject of study and confirm the supervisor’s interest in working with the candidate.
  • Candidates must submit two reference letters from senior scientists familiar with their work.
  • For SANDWICH candidates only: please note that the home PhD supervisor cannot be one of the two referees.
  • Candidates must submit a scanned copy of the passport page, which contains personal details (photo, document number etc.).

(3) Candidates applying for a SANDWICH study scheme must, in addition, submit also the following documents:

  • Sandwich candidates must submit the Registration and No objection certificate prepared by the home institute confirming that the candidate is a PhD registered student and that there is no objection to her studying at the chosen host institute abroad.
  • Sandwich candidates must submit a supporting statement, prepared and signed by the home supervisor on letter-headed paper. The supervisor should:
  • state that he/she is willing to support the candidate undertaking part of her studies at the host institute abroad; and describe how the research visit abroad will impact/benefit the candidate’s research project.

(4) Start your online application here.


To know more about OSWD PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists from Science and Technology Lagging Countries, please visit the official website:

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