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A.B. Crenstil was passionate about the growth of Highlife – Ambolley

A.B. Crenstil was passionate about the growth of Highlife – Ambolley

The late Alfred Benjamin “A. B. Crentsil was concerned about the development of Highlife and ensuring its viability for future generations, according to legendary Ghanaian singer Gyedu Blay Ambolley.

After the renowned musician A.B. Crenstil passed away earlier this week at the age of 79, music lovers in Ghana were dealt a devastating blow.

A.B. Crentsil and Ambolley have a close musical relationship, and Ambolley recalled many talks in which Crentsil voiced his concerns about the direction Highlife was taking and the need to do more to promote the genre.

A.B. Crenstil was always cheerful and full of laughs when we met, but we frequently talked about the development and independence of Highlife music. We constantly discussed methods to support the genre, a cause we as seasoned musicians have long championed, he said, according to the Ghana News Agency.

A.B. Crenstil left a lasting legacy as one of Ghana’s musical legends, according to Ambolley, who was asked about it. “A.B. Crenstil had a distinct approach to his kind of music, and you could always realize how unique his music was,” Ambolley said.

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“This should demonstrate how inventive he was with his technique. He could take a verse from the bible and turn it into music that might be extremely applicable to Ghanaians’ way of life. He performed all around the world, contributed to the development of Highlife, and was passionate about seeing the genre cross musical boundaries, thus I want him to be remembered for these things “said he.

However, Ambolley was concerned about how Highlife had been bypassed by younger musicians and that some radio stations were not aiding in the promotion of Highlife. Despite this, Ambolley remained optimistic that Highlife would survive.

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