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Austrian rapper seen wearing Black Stars jersey in a music video

Austrian rapper seen wearing Black Stars jersey in a music video

In one of his music videos, popular Austrian rapper TBKofficixl, who is of Ghanaian heritage, can be seen sporting a Black Stars jersey.

Agyei Roland, better known by his stage as TBKofficixl, has been making waves in Austria, where the rapper is unquestionably at the top of the charts.

The ascent of TBKofficixl to the top has been incredible. The musician writes his lyrics in German, which is the official language of the nation in where he lives, in order to appeal to the locals. However, after he launched the smash hit song “Bad Man” in 2020, his fan base has grown significantly.

TBKofficixl’s most popular song, “Fick Die Neider,” which translates to “Fuck The Envious” in English and was released on June 2, 2022, has been amassing streams across all global streaming services. For a rap song performed in a language that is not widely spoken worldwide, the 2 minutes and 46 second single has nearly 21,000 views on YouTube in just one month.

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In the track’s music video, TBKofficixl can be seen sporting the jersey of Ghana’s senior national football team, the Black Stars.

TBKofficixl receives at least 5,000 listeners each month on Spotify, an audio streaming and media services company that is one of the biggest music streaming services with over 422 million monthly active users.



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