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Deputy Info Minister lauds Dr. Ben Asante for Ghana Gas success story

Deputy Information Minister Fatimatu Abubakar has lauded the Chief Executive Officer of Ghana National Gas Company Limited, Dr. Ben Asante, for the many success stories chalked under his able leadership.

The minister was speaking at Wednesday’s meet-the-press interaction, which doubled as the State of the Agencies Report.

The interaction affords state-owned companies to give account of their mandates to the press.

Dr Asante’s mounting of the podium is the first in the year, affording the oil and gas expert the opportunity to give a true picture of the success story of the gas company.

He received plaudits from the Deputy Information Minister, who moderated the event.

“When trying to add value and skill production in many sectors emerging, if we didn’t have the gas, we didn’t have the power, every sector would have suffered in this country,” she remarked.

“As people would normally say, what is the water level of Akosombo, but now people don’t have to worry themselves because when it comes to power generation, Ghana Gas is really putting in much efforts at that to solve that problem.”

She was amazed to hear Ghana Gas has saved this country over $3 million a month for a couple of years by indigenizing its operations at their Atuabo Gas Processing Plant when they took over from the Chinese.

“Again, I was also excited about the fact that, you elaborated what you have done in terms of indigenization and when you mention $3 million, I said is it a year throughout the period but was made to understand it was just a month – which then means that every year, the company was saving Ghana about $36 million for the past six years somewhere around $216 million, which is so huge.”

Lawyer Fatimatu Abubakar was excited to also learn that Ghana Gas has saved this country’s operational cost in providing sustainable development in various communities.

“And for this period, if you able to make us savings on operational cost, it only explains why you’re able to undertake such corporate social responsibility projects, completing 152 projects and having 301 ongoing projects across all the 16 regions.

“It’s so impressive especially for our journalists present which I believe you have made us all ambassadors to go out and spread the message but most importantly for us to have more interaction of this nature so that Ghanaians will get to know what you are doing at the Ghana National Gas Company.”

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