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Extend SIM re-registration exercise to 2023 – MoMo agents tell govt

Extend SIM re-registration exercise to 2023 – MoMo agents tell govt

The government has been urged by the Mobile Money Agents Association of Ghana (MMAAG) to take another look at extending the deadline for the SIM card re-registration exercise.

They have filed an appeal asking for the deadline to be moved to January 2023.

All individuals must reregister their SIM cards with their Ghana cards by July 31. This deadline has already been set by the government through the Communications Ministry.

The Ministry has stated that unregistered SIM cards will be blocked after the deadline even though many Ghanaians have not yet obtained the Ghana card.

The Association noted that if the government decides to execute the July 31 deadline, the mobile money industry will suffer in a statement signed by General Secretary Evan Tuffour.

If the government pursues the 31st July 2022, it will be extremely harmful to our firm and the industry as a whole, according to businesspeople in the sector.

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Parts of the statement said, “We request that the government should extend the deadline to January 2023 with reality and having weighed inconveniences and problems.”

This follows requests made by the parliamentary minority for the government to at the very least postpone the deadline until the end of the year.

The deadline may represent a risk to national security, Communications Committee Ranking Member Sam George said in a press conference on Thursday.

Read the full statement below:

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