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I am not stingy – Sarkodie

I am not stingy – Sarkodie

Sarkodie, the CEO of Sarkcess Music, claims he is not pleased with being shown on television paying money to people.

He claims that seeing him give money to people on camera or in photos makes him less respectful of them.

I hate when they have a camera on me and I have to give money to people, he said on the South African podcast “PodcastAndChill” with MacG.

It implies to me that I don’t respect you… I view it that way, he continued.

Sarkodie went on to say that his personality as “Michael” occasionally conflicts with what he [Michael] is “supposed to do” as a public figure.

He claims that he won’t let what the public expects of him stop him from being himself, upholding his morals, and doing what he wants to do.

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“There is a manner that I have to do it if I have money for you and I want to give you money. Funny enough, though, our staff love doing that [acting for the camera], so I’m not ready to alter for that reason. I don’t feel it’s right. Therefore, it appears that I am stingy,” he insisted.

Sarkodie went on to emphasize strongly that he is not going to be pressured to give money to his followers, especially while cameras are on him.

I won’t comply if you force me to because you have cameras on me when I come out and I see them and my fans are saying, “Hey, we need money,” I’ll drive while seated.

And if I want to support, I support individuals. That is all I do because I enjoy doing it and it makes me feel good.

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