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I have a blood covenant with my girl, but I love another – Confessions with Ms Nancy

I have a blood covenant with my girl, but I love another - Confessions with Ms Nancy
Blood covenant (pc:Bob Yandian Ministries)

A haunted young man shares his dilemma on Confessions with Ms Nancy as a blood covenant looms over his head. How does he break up with his current girlfriend with whom he has had a blood covenant without incurring the wrath of the gods?

A young man based in the UK is confused if he should test fate and break up with his girlfriend after a blood covenant because he has fallen in love with another girl.

“I date this girl for about four years during my university days. It was a lovely relationship, and it looked, at the time, as though nothing could separate us.”

Narrating his story, he revealed that he left for the UK after his first degree to pursue a master’s degree. So to keep his promise to his girlfriend, in Ghana, they had a blood covenant to seal his promise.

After spending some years in the UK, he met another lady and f in love with her. He described the new lady as “double his girlfriend”.

After meeting the new lady, he admits that he has started withdrawing from his girlfriend in Ghana. But whenever he wants to break up with his old girlfriend and make it official with his new lady, the blood covenant comes up.

“Together forever. Nothing can separate us. If we go our separate ways, may death eat us,” he disclosed the exact spell they recited during the blood covenant.

What should he go ahead and face the consequences? Or settle with his old girlfriend and hopes his love for the other fades away?

Watch the full episode below:


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