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I need a record label – Shatta Wale hails Nigeria’s music industry

I need a record label - Shatta Wale hails Nigeria's music industry
Shatta Wale

Dancehall musician Shatta Wale has called for his Ghanaian compatriates to take a cue from how Nigerians run the music business and industry.

In a series of tweets, Shatta Wale declared Ghana music a disgrace. He also added that Ghanaians should stop feuding with Nigerians over music superiority and ask for help.

“Is better we stop arguing with Nigerian fans, promoters, etc and ask for help. Me sef I need a record label. Ghana music is a disgrace Mek nobody lie you. Shouts to Naija. Ghana ppl too deh like talk with no action. Yes, I have said it.”

According to Shatta Wale, he is poised to speak up this year, tweeting, “This year 2023 hard truth nkwaaaa. You need help. I need help. Stop that ego life eno go help you and me… Makaa maka in Reggie Rockstone’s voice.”

Shatta Wale’s new sumission is a turnabout from his earlier stance, declaring that he can single-handely take care of his affairs.


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