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I was lost my virginity by rape but I enjoyed it – Kisa Gbekle

I was lost my virginity by rape but I enjoyed it – Kisa Gbekle

With reference to her own upbringing, actress Kisa Gbekle has tackled the idea of sexual assault.

In a strange but all-too-real twist, rape victims occasionally take pleasure in the extramarital act, which causes some victims to feel guilty.

This is precisely what happened with actress Kisa Gbekle, who revealed in a recent interview on UTV that she relished the act of rape despite losing her virginity to it.

She said that when she was just 15 years old, the son of a family trustee took advantage of her while her parents were away on vacation.

She claimed that the interaction between herself and the 18-year-old was more akin to “mama ne dada” games.

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As she was too naive to realize that her human and sexual rights were being violated, Kisa said that she had loved the series of events.

She claimed that despite their youth, it led to a police investigation before being resolved at home.

Kisa, who described how pepper was put into her private area, claimed that she did not share the details of her satisfaction with her family because she had previously received punishment for the incident.

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