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I will not worship God in the cathedral – Kwesi Pratt

I will not worship God in the cathedral – Kwesi Pratt

In a fit of rage, Kwesi Pratt spilled some facts, revealing that the cathedral is meaningless. Whiles making this statement, he revealed that he will not worship the God of the cathedral for these reasons. Since the beginning, Kwesi Pratt has been opposed to the cathedral’s construction.

He has made every effort to oppose the cathedral, but it appears that Nana Addo and his pastors are unwilling to follow Ghanaians’ will.

He stated that if land is available for the cathedral to be built on, it should be virgin areas such as the Achimota Forest and many other forests classed as virgin lands.

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Kwesi Pratt declared, “I will not worship your God if your God commands you to starve his people while you build him a mansion.” Kwesi Pratt believes that the God he was supposed to adore in Sunday school session would never do something like this.

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