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J. B. Danquah will soon be exposed – Prophet Kofi Oduro

J. B. Danquah will soon be exposed – Prophet Kofi Oduro

Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder and head of Alabaster International Ministry, has issued a warning to the assassins of a number of public figures, including politicians.

Today at church, Prophet Oduro declared that God had informed him that J.B. Danquah’s killers would soon be exposed and sentenced. The killers, he continued, “will never get away with such a wicked conduct.” He continued by saying that they have been marked spiritually for judgment, which will soon also emerge in the physical realm.

No one on earth, he claimed, could slay or murder a just man without being apprehended and sentenced. He is sure that the primary assassins of J.B. Danquah will be identified, put behind bars, and brought before God for judgment.

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To the murderers of the missing Takoradi girls, he issued a similar message. He continued by saying that it is predicted that they will also experience judgment from both God and man.

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