Concerned KNUST students call for the SRC President’s resignation over corruption.

Concerned KNUST students call for the SRC President’s resignation over corruption.

A group of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) students is calling for the president of the university’s students’ representative council to resign immediately.

The SRC President, Michael Abuah, is accused of dishonest and fraudulent behavior, including some allegations of corruption, which led to the call.

The student leader has just been charged with misleading the student body into thinking he traveled to South Africa for academic purposes with SRC leaders.

However, it was later discovered that the President did not accompany the delegation; he claimed this was because of certain problems.

The President’s actions, according to the coalition made up of students from the University’s two residence halls, University Hall (Katanga) and Unity Hall (Continentals), have damaged the university’s reputation.

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The students have issued an united statement calling for the President to step down by August 3, 2022.

“In light of the most recent allegations of corruption brought against the SRC President, we demand that Mr. Abuah Michael step down from his position by August 3rd, 2022, as his actions have damaged the reputation of this illustrious institution and the dignity of the student body, as you always put it.

According to the statement, “the office of the Director of Students Affairs is known to have taken up other issues such as the fraudulent conduct of the SRC President and his executive body for which no penalty was meted and which include not just the SRC hostel story but also alleged rape cases.”

Recent claims made on social media claimed that GHC42,000 had been cleared for the trip to South Africa.

In a letter to the President who was unable to go on the trip, the Deputy Director of Students Affairs demanded that a certain amount be repaid to him.

However, according to sources at Luv News, Michael Abuah has not yet refunded the GHC9100 in question.

“The South African Union of Students (SAUS) in coordination with the University Students Association of Ghana requested that the Directorate of Students’ Affairs under the authority of the Director authorize an amount of GHC9,100 for your educational and leadership trip to South Africa ( USAG).

“Research, your own evidence, and handwritten declarations have established that you did not travel. By following the instructions in this letter, you must refund the GHC 9,100 by Friday, July 22, 2022 at midnight, without fail.

If the SRC President makes the aforementioned reimbursements, the “concerned KATANENTALS” are joining the calls and demanding proof of the refund.

“USAG demanded that Mr. Abuah Michael, the president of the SRC, return GHC9100 that he had taken in the pretense of a trip to South Africa. Mr. President must return the reported money because he acknowledges that he did not set out on the journey. By August 2nd, 2022, we demand proof of the repayment of the money listed above,” they said.

In the interim, the group is urging the university’s Students Affairs Directorate to reconsider its decision to centralize student funding and meddle in student elections.

They contend that the office’s attitude is impeding student activities and demand that the Director stop participating in student elections.

“Our student leaders do not have the ability to…[spend] student cash in a central account in whatever way they choose to execute and work to the satisfaction of the school. Why would the Director of Students Affairs be interested in student funds?

Student leaders have historically planned and administered student elections, and they should continue to do so. Therefore, why do we see the Director of Students Affairs getting so involved in these elections that he is selling ballots at the DoSA account office? The Electoral Commission requires and is entitled to the highest secrecy. The statement stated, “Mr. Director, please move aside.

On August 5, 2022, the group claims they would be waiting for responses from the directorate of student affairs.

If their issues are not addressed on the scheduled date, they make hints about organizing a peaceful march.

Meanwhile, Michael Abuah, the embattled SRC President, claims that given the current situation, he has consented to internal auditing.

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