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Leave homosexuals to enjoy themselves – Freddie Blay

Leave homosexuals to enjoy themselves – Freddie Blay

Gays and lesbians should be allowed to enjoy themselves, according to Freddie Blay, chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He claims that, while he does not agree with the act, he has no issues with others who have different tastes.

Freddie Blay, who was speaking on the Accra-based radio station

Homosexuals should be allowed to enjoy themselves in Ghana, according to Asaase Radio.

“In this situation, I’m expressing my personal viewpoint; I don’t believe in gayism as a lifestyle choice since I’m not attracted to guys. But I don’t want to look into other people’s bedrooms or see what they’re up to. It should be your own problem if you want to be gay.

I will not become a persecutor of those who wish to live together as man and woman or as man and woman. I believe there is too much hypocrisy in it, and we’ve been very enthused about it, our emotions have been overly excited about it to the point where we haven’t been sober. I honestly don’t see the fuss; we should let them in “In an interview, he stated.

Nartey, Sam George and some of his Parliamentary colleagues have introduced a private members bill to prohibit LGBTQI+ and related activities.

When passed, the measure will render LGBTQI+ and related acts illegal in Ghana, limiting the rights of those who engage in them.

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When Parliament is ready to vote on the law, the Church and the Islamic community have declared they will support it wholeheartedly and want the vote to be held in public.

Advocates for LGBTQI+ rights, on the other hand, believe the bill should be struck down because it violates the rights of members of their community.

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