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Man mauled to death by seven dogs

Man mauled to death by seven dogs

On his way to the local store, a 71-year-old man was attacked by seven dogs, which resulted in his death. The owner of the dogs has since been taken into custody.

Around 1.30 pm, Freddy Garcia was traveling to a store when the horrible assault occurred.

According to authorities, a witness called the police and reported seeing the victim being mauled by seven dogs.

Authorities arrived at the incident quickly, and Mr. Garcia was transported to the hospital by air ambulance.

After the mauling, four of the dogs were apprehended.

Before they were apprehended, the three other suspects had been at large for an undisclosed amount of time.

All seven of the dogs, according to the officials, were pit bull mixes.

Despite the efforts of doctors at Memorial Hermann, a hospital in the downtown Houston region, he was eventually declared dead from wounds sustained during the attack in Fresno, Texas, on July 18.

The owner wasn’t found until a combined investigation with Fort Bend Animal Control and the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office, according to a statement from the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s office.

Samuel Cartwright, 47, was named by the authorities on Friday in relation to the mauling.

Charged with Attack by Dog Resulting in Death, Cartwright was taken into jail and booked into the Fort Bend County Jail.

It is a second-degree felony charge. The police verified that his $100,000 bond had been set.

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Sheriff of Fort Bend, Eric Fagan, expressed his gratitude for the dogs’ removal from the streets and the avertance of another potential assault.

Sheriff Fagan stated: “This terrible tragedy wasn’t necessary. I send my sincere condolences to Mr. Garcia’s family and his neighbors as they cope with his passing.

Special thanks are extended to our deputies, Rene Vasquez, director of Fort Bend Animal Services, and Brian Middleton, district attorney of Fort Bend, for their cooperative efforts in seizing the dogs and making an arrest.

The attack was still being looked into by the police department.

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