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Sadio Mane allegedly made Bayern Munich sign his best friend

Sadio Mane allegedly made Bayern Munich sign his best friend

Sadio Mane‘s inspirational journey from Bambali to Munich embodies the phrase “can-do mentality” in its entirety.

Mane is regarded as one of football’s most endearing individuals and is beloved for his humility and desire to lend a helping hand to others, his neighborhood, and his country.

There are several ways for people to learn about Mane’s humanitarian efforts across his town and nation.

Sadio Mane’s purported role in persuading Bayern Munich to sign his best friend has recently garnered accolades and epitomized the perception of selflessness and moral figure around him.

After six years at Liverpool and nearly every club at Anfield, Mane moved to Bayern Munich in June 2022.

Sadio, however, traveled with his best friend Desire Segbe Azankpo, according to a social media thread by Ghanaian journalist Saddick Adams (Obama).

Saddick Adams explains the history of the close friendship that Sadio Mane and his Beninois friend have shared for a long time, saying that the two were friends before Sadio made his first move.

Sadio, in typical fashion, did not forget his close friend as his career began to take shape and has since succeeded in getting him to play for Bayern Munich’s reserve squad.

Mane joining Bayern is the talk of the town, but according to various reports in Munich, Desire Segbe Azankpo has also signed a two-year deal to join the Bayern Reserve team.

As explained by Saddick Adams, here is everything you need to know about Segbe and his friendship with Mane.

Segbé, a professional soccer player from Benin, was discovered at a young age and sent to the Generation Foot Academy in Senegal for trials. Around the same time, Sadio Mane’s village of Banbali was also transported to the Academy. The two grew close and immediately became friends.

He and Segbe shared a room and everything, including food and clothing, according to many interviews Mane conducted. Sometimes Mane would put on Segbe’s footwear, and vice versa. At the academy, Segbe was a highly regarded striker, and Mane was a midfielder.

Mane was the first player to be flown to FC Metz in France after a few months. Segbe quickly followed after him to France.

In 2019, Segbe said that Mane had informed Metz officials about his friendship with Segbe in order for the team to keep them together once more. When Mane relocated to RB Salzburg, they subsequently split up. Segbe’s career was slowed by a horrific injury. He relocated from Metz after his rehabilitation, although things didn’t turn out quite well with his career as it did for Mane. Segbe went to play in Luxembourg, Slovakia etc.

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He and Mane maintained contact despite this, and he claims they speak on FaceTime every day. Segbe moved to Oldham Athletic in England in 2019. Given that Liverpool was only 45 minutes away, Mane invited him to stay at his home.

Mane and Segbe’s nations competed against one another in the quarterfinal match of the 2019 Afcon in Egypt. They had never previously met in a gaming setting. Senegal advanced after defeating Benin 1-0, but Segbe stayed behind to wait for Mane until the competition was over. Together, they returned to England.

Mane honored his friend Desire Segbe Azankpo, who he said has been a pillar in his life and has supported him when times were difficult, when he won the African Best award two weeks ago.

Azankpo’s contract with Dunkerque had expired, and he was now going with Mane without a club.

After a trial made possible by Sadio Mane, it is generally believed today that Bayern has signed him for the reserve team. This enables him to remain nearby and aid Sadio in making a rapid adjustment.


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