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Sound engineer Kwik Action happy about audiobook for 1992 Constitution

Joseph Appiah, aka Kwik Action, right, thanked the president for accepting his idea

Renowned Sound Engineer Joseph Appiah, popularly known as Kwik Action, has thanked President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for embracing the idea of an audiobook for the 1992 Constitution.

He has, therefore, expressed the readiness of his studio, S24 Recording Studio, and other members of the creative industry to collaborate with stakeholders for the project.

“I have been through all legal proceedings in my request to translate and produce the Audio version of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution in Major state sponsored local languages such as TWI,DAGBANI,EWE,NZEMA,GA,HAUSA,KASEM etc,” he wrote.

“We at S24 Recording Studio and other members in the Creative industry are ready to collaborate with all relevant State Institutions to produce a Historic 1992 Constitution Audiobook in our local dialects.

“Thank you Mr President for appreciating my Intellectual property.”

The popular sound engineer is of the firm belief that an audio version of the 30-year-old legal document will help reduce crime and general infraction of the law by citizens who will know their rights and responsibilities.

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