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Sperm and egg donation may lead to incest in future – Public warned 

A TV3 special documentary by Emmanuel Samani reports of a fast rise in the donation of sperm and eggs for socio-economic purposes. In that documentary titled ‘Man Assisted Babies’, a university revealed that he was motivated by financial needs to donate sperm for Two Thousand Five Hundred Cedis (GHC 2500) which he does once a week.

Contributing to the discussion on 3FM Sunrise, Mr. Amese has refuted the description of the process as a barter system whereby sperms or eggs are exchanged for money. He went on to state that it is against the law to portray it as a barter system.

 “The law does not permit the sale of human parts and obviously, the sperm forms a part of the male reproductive system, similarly you can’t sell your nails, your hair or even a swap of your skin, it’s against the law if you classify it as selling,” he said.

In his submission, he has openly put forward a disclaimer to pushing the sperm donation agenda as he has explained several other consequences to the consideration of the donation process, nonetheless he is keen on ensuring good nutrition in all aspects of the human functioning.

“The reason why for me as a person I would not donate is because there are so many repercussions for the future and the fact is that when you donate, there are certain undertakings you have to note such that you might not even know the child that is borne or even have access to him or her.”

Exploring the legal system to buttress his position on the absence of a legal framework governing this procedure, Mr. Amese has opined that people affiliate these circumstantial events to that of the United Kingdom, ignoring the diversity of its systems.

“Where there is no law, we fall on the common law so the standard in UK is what we apply” he noted.

Others have also argued that sperm and egg donation may lead to children from a donor marrying in future which is an incest, a violation of the laws and cultural values.

By Samuel Afriyie Owusu|3news.com|Ghana


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