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Suame interchange to be completed in two months – MP assures residents

Suame interchange to be completed in two months – MP assures residents

Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, the member of parliament for Suame, has promised his supporters that the dreadful Suame roundabout-Maakro section of the main Kumasi-Techiman road will be finished in two months.

The assurance was made by the majority leader during a Top Story interview on Monday.

He claims that the road’s contractor has made good on his promise to do so.

“He [the contractor] informed me as I had previously stated that he would begin the overlay in three days. It has two lanes of traffic. After completing the side he has just begun, he will need to move to the opposite side of the carriageway. I’m looking at the last two or at most one and a half months, therefore he should be able to finish that stretch of road,” he told Evans Mensah.

The contractor stopped working on the road’s construction three weeks ago because there wasn’t enough bitumen.

However, Mr. Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu claimed that the contractor had returned to the site and that construction will now proceed.

According to residents in the area, the poor road is not only hampering businesses in the industrial hub due to the dust it emits, but also threatening lives.

The furious locals protested against the Suame MP on Friday in order to voice their discontent over his failure to maintain their roads.

Residents booed the MP earlier today when he visited the region to check on the progress being made on the road because of the area’s subpar road system.

According to reports, sachet water and other objects including coconut husk were thrown at the MP’s car in the Ashanti Region’s Suame constituency.

The neighbors converged on him and began hurling objects his way; it required the prompt intervention of the Police to remove him to safety.

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Mr. Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu acknowledged the irate locals’ complaints in an interview with JoyNews, saying, “They are not happy about the state of the roads, therefore if they meet somebody in charge, obviously they will respond this way.”

“Last week, there was a significant demonstration here at Suame Magazine. It has to do with the reconstruction and renovation of the major road leading from the Suame roundabout. The Minister of Roads and Highways gave a contract to a contractor to repair the road since it had multiple potholes and was contributing to certain accidents.

The artists were saying that dust had taken over because there was a lot of it on the roadways, which were very busy. Since they are mechanics and trade in spare parts, it stands to reason that they cannot sell at the pricing they have established since the dust that falls on the pieces makes them appear to be old parts. Additionally, the dust they were breathing was making them sick, which is what prompted the protest, he said.

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