We shall sacrifice our vagina for NPP to ‘break the 8’ – NPP Women.

We shall sacrifice our vagina for NPP to ‘break the 8’ – NPP Women.

In order to help the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) maintain power in 2024, two ardent female followers have volunteered to give their vagina.

They made this statement in the Accra Sports Stadium during the NPP’s ongoing 2022 National Delegates Conference.

The NPP is holding an election for 10 national executive positions, with a total of 46 candidates.

Approximately 6,000 delegates, including chosen party members from each of Ghana’s 16 regions, will cast ballots in the elections.

The two devoted female NPP members stated the party has done exceptionally well in their interviews with Hot 93.9FM regarding the success of the NPP government.

They claim that they are willing to give up their privates in order to keep the party in power.

“We showed off our genitalia in 2000, and the party won the election…

We received serious caning for that. We adore the party, and we will sacrifice our vaginas if it means keeping the party in power, they said to Hot 93.9FM.

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Watch the video below:

source: modernghana

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